One of most notable creations in recent years is Reel Rush. You play this slot on a slightly different playing field. There are 5 reels and no less than 5 rows. However, you start with a smaller playing field that we characterize in terms of rows as a 1-3-5-3-1 slot.


  • first 5 rows win
  • Good potential
  • High free spins
  • Nice slot for newbies


  • Players will get bored quickly
  • Not enough special features


    • Game provider: NetEnt
    • Payout percentage: 97%
    • Jackpot: no jackpot
    • Slots: 5
    • Volatility level: High
    • Launch date: 2020
    • Stake: 0.50 – 100
    • Slots: 5
    • Paylines: 3125
    • Row count: 5
    • Mobile casino: yes

    How to play?

    Reel Rush has no paylines, but works according to the x-ways-to-win mechanism. The x in this case depends on the result of your spins. You start with one row on the first and fifth reel, three rows on the second and fourth reel and five rows on the middle reel. That means 45-ways-to win. Every time you spin at least one winning combination, you get a re-spin with some extra fields:

    135 ways to win in the first respin
    405 ways to win on the second re-spin
    675 ways to win on the third re-spin
    1,125 ways to win on the fourth re-spin
    1,875 ways to win on the fifth re-spin.
    If you spin a winning combination during the fifth re-spin, you have unlocked 8 bonus spins. You play these 8 bonus spins with the entire playing field. This equates to 3,125 ways to win. Five symbols on five different reels will give you the full hit anyway, regardless of where these symbols are exactly on the reels.

    Symbols and Payouts

    Payouts also depend on your bet, of course. You play on Reel Rush with 50 credits per spin. You can increase that by a factor of 10 to 500 credits per spin. A credit is worth between € 0.01 and € 0.20. You can also set this yourself. So you can play with a bet of a minimum of € 0.50 and up to a maximum of € 100.

    The maximum payout per combination is 1,000 credits for five strawberries. That of course becomes 10,000 credits if you play with a factor of 10 (level 10). Then five strawberries yield up to a maximum of € 2,000 per combination.

    Other high paying symbols on this slot machine are a pineapple (up to € 1,000), a lemon (up to € 500), a cucumber (up to € 400), a bunch of grapes (up to € 300) and a plum (up to € 200).

    The five low paying symbols are colorful candies or candies. These all have the same payout. Three pieces yield 5 credits, four pieces 15 credits and five pieces 50 credits. That’s not much, but a winning combination with one of these candies will take you to the next re-spin with more winning possibilities and another step closer to the 8 bonus spins.

    You have a chance to win a Wild symbol on the second, third and fourth reels. This symbol is Wild for all candies and fruit pieces.

    Gaming Experience

    The mechanism with a re-spin with extra ways-to-win is very exciting. You get closer and closer to the 8 bonus spins in which you play with no less than 3,125 ways-to-win. Finally, you can cheer unabashedly for a winning combination that doesn’t deliver that much. That means an extra respin. Do you spin a spin nothing at all? Then you are back to square one.

    Reel Rush is really exciting thanks to this reward mechanism. You can win up to € 96,000 per spin. That’s pretty nice for a slot without multipliers or other win-boosting features. The payout percentage of no less than 97 percent makes Reel Rush an attractive slot machine.

    Reel Rush is therefore a slot machine that you should try out!

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